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Residential Facilities

Non Mt. Diablo School District (MDUSD) students in grades 6-12, who reside in a residential treatment facility within the boundaries of MDUSD may be provided academic services through MDUSD by Home & Hospital.



The residential facility should send the application documents to the MDUSD Enrollment Center at as well as

Please include the contact information for the education program manager at the facility.

The application is 3 pages total:

  1. A psychiatric referral from the Residential Facility: Medical/Psychiatric Referral Form

  2. Completed Release form Signed by the Parents/Guardian: Parent/Guardian Authorization for Release of Information Form

  3. Copy of the student's transcript with current class schedule from the home school.


  • Home and Hospital services are five (5) hours per week. 

  • Facility staff will determine if a student is able to attend the school program.

  • Instruction is provided virtually by credentialed teachers employed by the MDUSD. 

  • The H&H teacher will provide curriculum.

  • Secondary curriculum is provided in the areas of English Language Arts and Social Studies. 

  • H&H teachers are supervised by the Home & Hospital Administrator.

  • MDUSD will inform the Home School District that the students are to receive academic services while in MDUSD attendance area.

  • High School students will receive .25 credits per subject, per week, with successful engagement.

  • Grades are given for students with a minimum attendance of 2 weeks.