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MDUSD Students

Please follow these steps to enroll in Home and Hospital:

  1. Complete and Sign the 4 page Application for Home & Hospital Instruction / Español - INSTRUCCIÓN DE HOGAR Y HOSPITAL 

  2. Save the form and print for signatures.

  3. Bring the completed application to the student's home school. The home school must complete the required signatures and forward to Home & Hospital. 

  4. The Home & Hospital Administrator may contact you to discuss the logistics for your student's placement.

  5. The Home & Hospital Teacher(s) will reach out to the student/family to set up weekly instructional sessions. 

**If applicable, an IEP must be held before the application is submitted to Home & Hospital**

Partial applications will not be processed until all items are received.  

Eligibility will be reviewed every 9 weeks and requires a new medical or psychiatric referral to extend services.